THE BIBLE FROM 30,000 Feet
Starting In March 2023

HAVE YOU EVER WISHED YOU HAD A CLEARER PICTURE OF HOW THE ENTIRE BIBLE FITS TOGETHER? Join us for this amazing journey through Scripture. Along the way we will highlight major themes, characters, geographical locations, events, timelines, and much more! You will be amazed at how much you will have learned and grown when we touch back down. YOUR FLIGHT IS SCHEDULED TO DEPART ON SUNDAY, MARCH 5 @ 10AM. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.   Please click on the link below to secure your tickets.

(This class is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the whole Bible. The journey in its entirety will take about a year and a half. Students are able to come and go from the class as desired as it is on a cycle.)


Fellowship Groups

Committed Families

This LIFE GROUP is a community of husband, wives, dads, and moms who are committed to grow in their walk with God and build their families on the foundation of His Word. While family topics are often highlighted in the class, the teaching focus is geared toward general Bible study & application. THIS LIFE GROUP MEETS IN ROOM #202


Led by Doug Rowley

This LIFE GROUP is a community of people from all walks of life and experiences who desire to live in victory as they apply the truth of God’s Word in their lives. The study time is a thorough and thought provoking exercise in rightly dividing Scripture. Be challenged and encouraged each week as you connect and grow. THIS CLASS MEETS IN ROOM #218

Couples In Faith
Led by Arron & Erica Johnson

This LIFE GROUP is a community of engaged  and married couples who are in the formative years of their marriage relationships and parenting. Couples in faith are committed to support and encourage each other as they learn together how to be the husbands, wives, moms, and dads that God has called them to be. THIS CLASS MEETS IN ROOM #207

Faith & Freedom
Led by Marcel Stoia

This LIFE GROUP is a community of people of all ages and stages of life who value the freedom they have in Christ and are passionate about living out that freedom for God’s glory in this world. Embrace the challenge to know God’s Word in a greater way and to stand up for your faith as you live for Jesus. THIS CLASS MEETS IN ROOM #203

Led by Eddy Garrett

This LIFE GROUP is a community of people from all life stages and life experiences who desire to know and apply God’s Truth in their lives. Each week brings a new and exciting lesson from God’s Word presented in a way that is easily applicable to your daily life. Pathfinders is truly a family of friends. THIS LIFE GROUP MEETS IN ROOM #204

Women of Grace
Led by Candace Ross

This LIFE GROUP is a community of women from all stages and walks of life who are committed to peruse God and His Word together. The study topics vary from season to season but always involve a helpful Bible based curriculum or a study through a particular book of Scripture.  THIS LIFE GROUP MEETS IN ROOM #201

Senior Saints
Led by Leon Valentine

This LIFE GROUP is a community of senior adults who are passionate about learning God’s Word and serving His church. These Senior Saints are full of the life of Christ and have much to offer for His glory. A biblically vibrant, and robust curriculum is used on a quarterly cycle. Each lesson is fresh and instructive. THIS LIFE GROUP MEETS IN CHOIR ROOM 104.

The Bridge
Led by Dan Hutchins, Courtney Hutchins, & Joshua Ferrari

This LIFE GROUP is a community of single adults who are in the formative stages of their college education and early career. This group aims to help build a thriving relationship with God and others while building life forming patterns of discipleship and Bible application. THIS CLASS MEETS IN CONFERENCE ROOM 105 (upper level)