Fellowship Groups

Committed Families
Lead by Curt Smith

Committed Families is a group that helps encourage young families to grow in the Lord. Committed Families meets in Room #202.


Lead by Doug Rowley

Conquerors is a group that is designed to encourage families to grow in their faith through Bible study and discussion. Conquerors meets in Room #215. 

Couples In Faith
Arron & Erika Johnson

This class focuses on providing solid Biblical teaching for young married couples!

Faith & Freedom
Lead by Marcel Stoia

Faith & Freedoom meet in Room #203. 

Lead by Eddy Garrett

Pathfinders meets in Room #204.

Women of Grace
Candace Ross

Women of Grace is meets in Room #201.

Senior Saints
Lead by Leon Valentine

Senior Saints meets in Room #214.

The Bridge
Lead by Joshua Ferrari

The Bridge is a group that is made up of young people who are transitioning from high school to the college and career stage of life.